Formed 20+ years ago, Redcastle have amassed significant experience in successfully supplying,
implementing and supporting solutions to help improve clients’ business processes. Adding value to
your business and helping you to achieve growth and success are our primary goals.

5 reasons why you should choose Redcastle

We believe that there are five good reasons why your business should choose Redcastle as the company to supply your business management solutions. What’s more, we believe that no other company can offer this unique combination of benefits.

1. Redcastle offer better solutions with more functions

Our business process improvement solutions are more complete, even in standard form, and easier to use than any competitive products. This isn’t just our view. It’s the feedback we repeatedly get back from existing customers and prospective customers who evaluate our products. This is because we’re continually improving our products as we attract more clients in different markets. Now we’d like to prove it to you too.

2. Redcastle solutions have a lower overall cost

For any of our business process improvement solutions, the total cost to you will be the core software + set-up + product enhancements + annual support. Here’s how we can save you money in all of these areas:

We have amassed significant experience in successfully supplying, implementing and supporting solutions to help improve clients’ business processes. This experience helps us to keep our costs low.

In most cases, our standard solutions are implemented ready to run. Lead time is minimised, system set-up costs are lower and the financial returns and pay-back time on investment are faster.

The number of product enhancements you would need is minimised as we continually improve our products if we get reasonable requests from customers.

As our applications are priced very competitively, our annual support contract is very cost-effective too and it’s all-inclusive with our CRM Support Plus Agreement.

3. Redcastle provide unlimited first class support

We know our solutions inside out, as we've been supporting customers for over 20 years now. In addition, we wrote the Redcastle business management systems, so know them just as well. If there's something that needs adding in, we'll do it and usually for free.

This extensive knowledge and confidence in our products means we’re more than happy to offer an all-inclusive annual support plus contract with unlimited telephone, remote access or on-site support. There are no extra costs and we’ll be there whenever you need us.

4. Redcastle build better partnerships

We don’t simply sell you a solution and leave you to get on with it. We aim to build a long term partnership with you to ensure that our implementations always meet the needs of your company as you expand. We’ll provide your product enhancements as they’re developed, and we’ll give you all the support you need to get the most out of our systems. After all, our success depends on yours.

5. Redcastle use Redcastle's solutions

We should point out that, as a business, we have a vested interest. We don’t just sell other company’s products. We use all of our own business process improvement solutions end-to-end in our own offices here at Redcastle. So we strive to make our applications work as well as possible, because they drive the speed and effectiveness of our own business. This gives our clients and the companies who evaluate us a lot of confidence.