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ucplus cti software

ucplus from our partners Plus Software is a Telephone Server application that integrates directly with Computer Telephony, Customer Relationship Management and Unified Communications solutions. By providing a consistent environment regardless of the make of telephone system, SuperOffice users can now manage outgoing and incoming phone calls with ease. Screen popping, or cti, for SuperOffice is now a simple and affordable addition to your SuperOffice CRM implementation from Redcastle.

How does it work?
ucplus works by talking directly to both SuperOffice and the telephone system and converting the output into a consistent format for applications to use. In addition to this, ucplus adds a number of extra features to make telephone systems better and more consistent:

Call histories - Logging can be enabled to allow applications access to recent call activity
Presence data - Applications can easily register for information about users' and extensions' state and availability

Which telephone systems does ucplus work with?

ucplus works with many makes and models of telephone system. Click here to see which ones.

Download a Brochure here.

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