Formed 20+ years ago, Redcastle have amassed significant experience in successfully supplying,
implementing and supporting solutions to help improve clients’ business processes. Adding value to
your business and helping you to achieve growth and success are our primary goals.

Business Toolbox

Redcastle offer a number of additional software tools to bridge the small gaps in any customer's end-to-end business management requirements:

DocSearch for SuperOffice - SuperOffice CRM has excellent document creation and archiving capabilities. There are, however, times when document search requirements need to be more specific than the tools available in standard SuperOffice. Those illusive documents can't hide any longer!

Holiday Manager for SuperOffice - Manage associates Holiday allocation and requests, with automated rule checking email requests to verifiers and addition of Holiday appointments into the SuperOffice Diary. Holiday Manager also monitors Absence. International Public Holidays and Weekends are considered when calculating an associates outstanding allowance.

Maps for SuperOffice - utilising Google Maps, Maps for SuperOffice displays the locations of companies in your CRM database on multiple layers configured by Selections, Categories etc. The proximity of companies of selected categories can then be displayed with an X mile radius to help with the planning of customer visits etc.

Person Details & email Viewer for SuperOffice - View all of yours or your companies interactions with an individual in a single interface. Also preview all of your emails quickly and simply in one place - as far back in time as you need to go!

Activity View for SuperOffice - SuperOffice is great at archiving all of your interactions with a customer but sometimes you need to be very specific about what you need to display, Activity View makes it really easy!

Calendar View for M-Files - Adding Assignments and Tasks in M-Files is something that you do every day. Calendar View allows you to see these activities, plus Sales and Sales opportunities and any type of Object which has date related MetaData in a calendar for format.

Gantt Chart view for M-Files - If you're working on complex Projects with Milestones to manage, Gantt Chart View for M-Files is invaluable - track everything to do with a Project over it's lifetime in a Gantt Chart.

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