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Providing Service

With the 'Providing Service' modules you can: manage the logging, tracking, escalation and resolution of customer's incidents.

This may be of particular interest to companies supplying Voice & Data or IT & Networks, but can address any business with a customer service requirement.

Since a service may be part of an installation or a maintenance callout, we provide live Smart phone or Tablet access to your Business Management System back at base so that people can receive, notate and conclude jobs.

The Service Management Dashboard is useful to allow support teams and management to see the status of all services.

Redcastle's Providing Service modules include:

Service Management - Service Management has been designed to monitor all customer incidents, using a simple and effective interface. Subsequent interactions and feedback related to any incident are recorded, keeping an audit trail of each incident.

The software provides email communication with your customer to ensure that the customer is updated with the current status of an incident (automatically if required); and Service Management personnel receive notification of customer incidents as they are registered.

Service Management Engineer's own outstanding and closed incidents can be seen at a glance.

SLA's Escalation - All logged Incidents can be associated with a Service Level Agreement controlling the timescale in which an incident should be responded to and resolved.

SLA's are totally configurable and are monitored by the Escalation tool which will automate email alerts to the appropriate personnel at various stages throughout the elapsed time of an incident.

The Dashboard is updated every few minutes to display the current status of each Incident against its SLA.

Self Service - Customers can register new incidents, problems and requests for change via the Internet directly into ServiceManagement using the Self Service tool.

The progress of all Incidents can be monitored in Self Service and documents and files related to the Incident can be uploaded and downloaded.

Remote Job Access - ServiceManagement engineers can view and access all of their Jobs related to logged customer incidents via Redcastle's PocketSM tool.

Diary activities linked to Incident logs are accessed using SmartPhones or Tablets with Internet access. Service engineer visit details can also be updated and closed via PocketSM.

Job Sheet Sign-off - Service Management engineers can at the point of completing a service visit, request sign-off by the customer using stylus driven SmartPhones & Tablets. In doing this a Job Sheet with the embedded customer signature is automatically emailed directly to the customer.