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PCA Predict

Redcastle’s Post Code Lookup utility accesses the Royal Mail PAF (Postal Address File) service from our partner PCA Predict to help verify, record and maintain accurate data via web services ensuring live access to the very latest, daily updated postal address data.

Web based delivery provides flexible, cost-effective access to the information, the service is simple to set up and provides you with tools to help you manage and insert addresses into SuperOffice Company and Contact cards.

Reduced keystrokes and the time spent entering addresses means you portray a professional image and you can be confident that your database is accurate.

Until recently, usage had mainly been confined to call centres and large businesses. However, this unique web service approach together with PCA for SuperOffice CRM from Redcastle has made address management and rapid address capture accessible for all your SuperOffice CRM users.

Purchase the utility from Redcastle and the service then costs as little as £50 per year!

It couldn’t be easier
Using the utility couldn’t be easier, simply click on the PCA icon in SuperOffice and then type in a Post Code, Company Name or part of an address, click the Search button and does the hard work. A list of possible matches is presented to you, highlight the correct match, the options are then to Add a company to SuperOffice, Update an existing company card, Add a person to a company or Update a person. PCA Predict fills in the name and address fields appropriately and you just click Save. Job done!

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