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Mobile Data Studio from Creativity Corporation

Mobile Data Studio is an integrated mobile project design studio, wireless client and server, and data management system. For Android, Apple and Windows Mobile devices.

Redcastle and Creativity Corporation of Australia have joined forces to integrate Mobile Data Studio with our related Applications. In addition to complete solutions, we provide a service to integrate Mobile Data Studio with Microsoft SQL Server creating business applications for mobile computing with Mobile Data Studio.

Mobile Data Studio allows us to deploy projects to Smartphones and Tablets using Android, Apple iOS and Windows Mobile operating systems. 

You don't need to be a programmer to create powerful applications to improve business productivity and eliminate paperwork. It's a unique, simple, and low cost solution! A simple drag and drop of points process to design powerful projects for mobile data capture.

A fully integrated mobile project design studio, powerful and secure wireless client and server, and data management system. Turns Smartphones and Tablets into powerful data management computers.

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