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Fulfilling Orders

With the 'Fulfilling Orders' modules you can accept your customer's order and use the content of the quote to automatically generate the sales order, the customer invoices and any related purchase orders.

Seamless Information flow
'Fulfilling Orders' is the starting point for building customer's satisfaction.

Direct integration of the Quote item detail into Sales Orders and Invoices removes the need for re-keying and the possibility of making errors.

It saves delivery time too, since you can immediately send Purchase Orders to suppliers; and start to schedule installations or deliveries.

Redcastle's Order fulfillment modules include:

Sales Orders - Using data contained in the sales Forecast and in the item detail in the Quotation, a sales order can be processed with one click. If no quotation exists, sales orders can be processed directly from the PriceBook, without re-keying the line items and therefore removing the risk of error.

Purchase Orders - PriceBook holds supplier information, right from the quotation stage of the business process, the supplier codes, nominal codes and cost of goods are known. As soon as a sales order is created, third party purchase orders can be raised against suppliers. No re-keying of line items is needed, so there is no risk of error.

Invoices - With Order Fulfilment fully integrated with CRM ensures that all sales record details, supplier purchase orders and customer invoices are available to everyone with the appropriate privileges to see them, when they need to see them.

Stock - With the addition of the Stock extension, items can be purchased for stock and allocated to sales orders quickly and efficiently. You can book deliveries into stock locations, manage returns and reject back to supplier.

Support Contracts - For those customers who offer maintainable product under support contracts, Redcastle’s order fulfilment takes the business process one step further. Orders enables the management of all items on maintenance within a single order or across multiple Purchase Orders. This allows automatic creation of support contract renewals and the option to annualise the value of the support contracts.

ERP Link - It is a requirement for most companies to record financial transactions in Accounts or ERP software. We provide links to a range of systems like Sage, Scala and others and we will write any link you may need.