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Dashboards tool

Extracting and presenting information from multiple databases in easy to read lists and graphical displays provides you with invaluable instant information, just how you want to see it. Redcastle's Dashboards tool puts you in control of presenting Management information where and how you want it.

You can combine data from several data sources in your dashboards, dig deep into the Sales & Marketing data in SuperOffice, Sales Automation, Order Processing and Customer Service data plus any other SQL data source in your organisation where sql views can be created.


The dashboards are presented in a Playlist which can be set to either a Matrix or a Scrolling display. Different dashboards in either mode can be displayed on different monitors around your premises as well. A number of standard dashboards will be pre-configured on installation to help management get an immediate view on their data and help to make better decisions immediately. Additional Dashboard Playlists can be set up by your IT department easily once the appropriate sql views are created.

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