Formed 20+ years ago, Redcastle have amassed significant experience in successfully supplying,
implementing and supporting solutions to help improve clients’ business processes. Adding value to
your business and helping you to achieve growth and success are our primary goals.

About Redcastle

A story of consistent growth, progress and success

Redcastle was established in 1995 and has just passed it's 20th anniversary. Initially established as a CAD/CAM supplier, Redcastle's focus rapidly changed to business managment solutions to help improve all aspects of running a business. The portfolio of software and services from Redcastle is now very much focussed on helping it's customers to improve business processes, make the day-to-day activities of it's customers more efficient, productive and enjoyable.

Jeff Proctor, ex-Vice President Europe of American CAD/CAM company Cimlinc, set up Redcastle with the objective of selling the business solutions in the UK.

Jeff teamed up with longstanding Cimlinc colleagues, Jim Wildey, Sales & Marketing Director, and Cham Mistry, Technical Director, to form the new company. Jim’s background was in PCB design where for eight years he ran PowerTracks, a PCB design and assembly company. Cham came over from Plessey in Nottingham, where he spent seven years as a CAD consultant and business analyst.

Our vision

At the heart of the business, Redcastle sell, implement and support a growing range of business software solutions from well respected companies around the world plus our own developed Business Management System which it integrates with the other solutions.

Customers of all sizes from SMEs to large national companies, and from a variety of business sectors, including voice and data, telecoms, mobile computing, distribution, manufacturing, construction, fleet services, equipment leasing and more, are benefiting from the business process improvement solutions from Redcastle.

Today, this growth continues and has helped Redcastle to become one of the leading business management systems suppliers in the Midlands.

The Management

Jeff Proctor - Managing Director

Jeff Proctor co-founded Redcastle with Jim and Cham in 1995. Jeff is an engineer by training and was UK MD and VP Europe with Cimlinc, a US CAD/CAM software house. Jeff engineered an internal business management system at Cimlinc and brought that experience forward to Redcastle. As Managing Director Jeff manages the company finances, fronts the requirements process with customers and manages the development team. Jeff is a keen golfer.


Jim Wildey - Sales & Marketing Director

Jim Wildey also worked for 10 years with Jeff at Cimlinc. Jim previously ran a PCB design and assembly firm. Today at Redcastle, Jim runs the sales and marketing operation, but from the early days he also has the skills to do customer requirement gathering and product configuration. He uses these skills to tailor his demonstration systems, so we can show prospective customers how our solutions could work for them individually. Jim is also a keen golfer.


Cham Mistry - Technical Director

Cham Mistry is Redcastle's technical expert. Cham has done every technical job the role requires since the business started. Today he divides his time between customers' installations and upgrades plus advising and training the implementation and support teams. Like Jeff and Jim, Cham enjoys his golf.